We stock Juki  TL2000Qi   TL2010Q  These are high performance quilting machines that sew straight at 1500 stitches per minute. Great for assembling pieces, and stippling. These machines are the new models of the TL98E and TL98Q and are known for their quality stitching, high speed, reliable performance. One of the features is the quilting feet provided with the machine move up and down with the needle bar when stitching, this holds the material stable for the moment when the stitch is formed. This feature combined with the type of sewing hook which is of the industrial sewing machine design ensure a high quality stitch that you can not get with having a floating type quilt foot. The thread trimmer is unsurpassed in reliability as it is similiar to one used in their industrial sewing machine. There are no fancy stitching with this machine so if you want the fancy stitching and need to do appliqué you will need to look into the HZL computer type machine. Better yet get one of each!

  HZL-F600 HZL-F300  This is the computer type machine that can produce many fancy stitches, excellent buttonholes, and free floating quilting. These machines can sew at 900 stitches per minute and with their unique box feed will feet most fabrics and create beautiful stitching. These machines are made with JUKI's experience in industrial machines and have brought much of their technology into this product

  HZL-25 for quilting. This is a small light weight inexpensive mechanical sewing machine that is easy to carry with you. It has a shorter arm and weighs only 14 lbs.

We have many special feet that fit the JUKI TL series that can also fit other portable quilting machines with a high type shank foot

We have special parts for Gammil quilter like needle bar thread guide, and disc type tension assembly, and add on thread guides. Stock bobbins and Schmetz needles

Help with thread breakage, tension, and common issues with TL machines-coming soon